Vic Bar Top Up Insurance




Top up’ insurance is optional for barristers requiring additional insurance to cover them above the LPLC compulsory primary layer of $2 million cover.

The only 'Top up' insurance offered will be from Affinity Insurance Brokers.

Affinity has arranged for Insurance Australia Limited trading as CGU Insurance (CGU) to provide "Top Up" Professional Indemnity Insurance cover which is available in seven layers up to $18million (in excess of the LPLC compulsory primary layer of $2million). The policy wording is the same as the 2019/20 year. We are pleased to advise that premiums remain unchanged from last year.


Features of Affinity’s cover are:


·    Cover for Employment Practices Breaches.  Cover is afforded for claims arising from a range of employment related acts including but not limited to:-

o     Workplace harassment (sexual or otherwise)

o     failure to employ, promote or grant tenure

o     discrimination / wrongful termination of employment

o     wrongful discipline or negligent evaluation of employment performance

o     Drop-down cover is provided up to $100,000 in the aggregate with a $5,000 excess. This cover is currently an exclusion under the LPLC Professional Indemnity Insurance for Barristers Policy.

·     A 20% premium reduction continues for those barristers who are members of the Professional Standards Scheme (PSS). For details of PSS for members please see the Victorian Bar website under Legal Practice and Compliance, Professional Standards Scheme.

·     Free Run Off cover for current policy holders who cease to practice during the period of insurance, subject to the receipt and acceptance by CGU of a completed run off proposal form each year. This arrangement only exists whilst the facility is with Affinity/CGU. Barristers can also seek a pro-rata refund of their top up premium (less applicable charges) if they cease practice and take up run-off cover.

·    Cover for Enquiries.  Cover is afforded for all reasonable legal costs and expenses for your representation at any official enquiry, investigation or examination, including an enquiry under the disciplinary rules of the Victorian Bar or the Legal Services Commissioner.  We have been able to secure CGU’s agreement to an increase in this drop-down cover from $500K to $1million with a $1,000 excess.  This cover is currently an exclusion under the LPLC Professional Indemnity Insurance for Barristers Policy.


Application forms, Top-Up and Run-Off





Inquiries to Affinity should be directed to Mary Spanos on (03) 8587 7760 or email